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About Jack Conte​

My About Page Was Really Bad
Something that most people don’t think about is how really bad their About Page is. Or, like me never gave it more than ten minutes thought.
Like most people I didn’t even have an About Page and when I finally put one together it read like the ingredients on a can of baked beans. How many people ever read about ingredients on food containers? Not many! 

After realizing that I had a really weak About Page I searched the internet for hours and days on how to build a great About Page and found nothing of great value.
I then looked at a lot of websites from all different business types. Looking for that great About Page, again nothing remotely outstanding!​
​​The 200 Watt Light Bulb
As in the past the 200 watt light bulb came on – let’s defer here so I can tell you what happens when that light bulb comes on.
Our Opportunity
My background is sales and marketing, I have also started several businesses some made money and some didn't.

In every business that I started I would first discover if there were:
  • Need, without a need there is no sense going to the next step
  • Competition, if there is much competition, abandon the idea
  • Difficulty, are there too many hurdles, if not proceed
  • Improvement, can the business be improved upon
  • Promotion, is it easily marketed  
As everything fallen into place I have my new Your About Page business!

So Who Is Ketchup
Ketchup adopted us when he was about two months old, he just had his 13th birthday, the party hats, the cake (he doesn’t like human cake so we made one from his private treats; you know the whole party thing.

One of the things I learned from Ketchup is you never give up. So, what does Ketchups lesson teach? I’m not sure, you may want to figure it out in your spare time and if you do let me know.

The Boss

Somebody Has To Construct Great About Pages
After looking at so many about pages I knew that I could do much better using age old selling skills. Selling skills?
Since every About Page on all these different websites were as sorry as mine or worse, that’s when I decided to put my sales ability to work.

I started out as a “door to door” salesman, some of you may know about the “Fuller Brush Man” or “Encyclopedia Britannica Books,” yes I sold both along with other door to door products. I even sold property (lots) in Florida right from New York.

You are also in the selling business. Why!  Because no money comes into your business before you sell your service or your products!!!