Jack Conte​

About Page Writer



Some Of The Things I Can Help You With
Promote Your Benefits 
Benefits are what's going to close the sale. We'll find and feature the most important benefits for your clients.

Using Testimonials and/or Yelp Reviews
Potential clients want to know why they should choose you over your competitors.
If they can picture themselves in the place of your previous clients, you've just made it one step further in the sales process. 
By including Testimonials and/or Yelp reviews people will be much more likely to believe you are the right match for them. I'll find feature and Link these for you.

Solve Real and Perceived Problems
Competition is brutal you have to out think your competitors. And, I'll do that for you.

Show Your Awards

Creative awards - while some people think they are irrelevant – it helps to confirm that your business places high value on its innovative work and it has been peer reviewed and validated.

I Can Turn Your About Page Into 
The Bright Bulb Of Your Marketing​​
  • I’ll make your About Page read as if you were having a conversation with a friend.
  • I’ll make your About Page read like a "mystery novel” leaving the reader wanting to know more about you.
  • I’ll give readers convincing reasons (benefits) for wanting to doing business with you.
  • ​I’ll create Your About Page that’ll set you apart from your competitors.
Things To Think About
Who Are Your Clients
  • Are you marketing to your most receptive clients’? If not, you may be losing business to your competition.

What Problems Do You Solve
  • Competition is brutal you have to out think your competitors. Believe it or not having a Great About Page puts you way out front.

​What Can You Do That Your Competition Can’t Do
  • How can clients get to know your business better? What knowledge and insights can you provide that your competition cannot? 

And this all hinges on having a competitor edge About Page!!!​